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About Mike Spink

Mike cut his musical teeth in his teens as a songwriter, bassist and drummer in numerous bands in the North of England. Although always fascinated with both the technical and creative aspects of the recording process it wasn’t until he went back to education in 1997 that he started to realise his rightful place was on the other side of the glass.

After progressing from a short diploma course at Leeds college of Music in 1998, Mike then went on to study at Paul McCartney’s prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts where he graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Creative Music Technology.

Since then Mike has worked on a plethora of recording and production projects including 2 consecutive UK Number 1 Albums with Jake Bugg’s eponymous UK No.1 debut album (Double Platinum) that has sold over a million copies worldwide and The 1975’s debut UK Number 1 album (Platinum) that has also sold well over 500,000 copies worldwide. Other notable credits include working with The Gaslight Anthem, James, The View &  Amber Run, Wolf Alice, OMD, Circawaves, Kill it Kid, Lewis Watson, Tribes, The Academic, Whitecliff, All Mankind, DD Allen & JacksonsWarehouse to name but a few.


After working closely with the incredibly gifted Producer & Mixer – Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Foals, The 1975 Jake Bugg etc), Mike is now focussing on Freelancing as a Producer and Mixer in his own right and more recently launching and promoting his new Online Mixing Service - The Mix Basement.

“I love engineering and consequently the way I Mix & Produce is heavily influenced by the way I look to put sounds together. However, for me….It’s all about the music, the artist and ultimately the song ! I’ve always said that music should drive technology and not the other way round – Thus, when Producing I love to spend as much time as possible with the band / artist in rehearsal and pre-production getting the songs, arrangements and parts nailed so everyone feels relaxed and confident when the red light goes on. It’s only then we can all focus on creativity, vibe and capturing something truly exciting”.

“When I’m Mixing - for me, its all about serving the song and the production to the best of my creative, artistic and technical ability, in order to create something that forces the listener to consciously or subconsciously emotionally engage with the song.  Vibe and energy are big factors here - but equally attention to detail is key. …I firmly believe a good mix should take you on a journey whilst providing subtle points of sonic interest along the way”.


"Mike is a brilliant talent, over the many years we have worked together he has consistently delivered fantastic results.
His methods of driving the technology in the studio always come from a very artistic, musical place which leads to much more exciting music!!"

- Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Jake Bugg, Foals, 21 Pilots, Ben Howard, 2 Door Cinema Club, Wolf Alice, Hozier etc)

"Mike's ears and expertise helped take our project to the next level. Thanks for everything!"

- Feed Them To The Forest

Tracks - Black Canary - Six Seasons & a Movie

"The single most important thing i have done with my music career, is approach Mike Spink....his passion, immense skill, and awareness of the commercial music scene make him unique, working with Mike was a complete pleasure"

- DD Allen

Tracks - Just Like The Old Days

"Mike is a great guy to work with. He did a lot of pre production work with us before we went into the studio. All parts and arrangements were nailed meaning we had a lot of time to spend in the studio really experimenting and capturing the best sounds possible"

- Tom Taylor - Whitecliff

Tracks - Everybody Knows

"Mike mixed the music for the feature film "Angels vs Bullies" picked up by Cineworld. In multiplexes, on big screens, his mixes easily competed with the scores of James Bond and The Hunger Games, two of the movies we were up against"

- Chris Turner – London Bus Theatre Company

"Mike has got an amazing ability to take a song from good to great. We worked with Mike on our album 'Simple Desire', and he helped refine our songwriting and bring out the best in each of us as performers. We also brought Mike in to mix some additional tracks for us at a later stage, as his ears are second-to-none – he gave our tracks an amazing depth and energy we weren't expecting. Mike has worked on some of the biggest albums of recent years, and if you ever get the privilege of having him mix for you, you should jump at it with both feet."

- Rich Beeston – All Mankind

Tracks - Break The Spell - Can You Hear Me